Another adOPTIMA finds a new home


As we get used to our new surroundings (do you like the website?), we thought we'd share another adOPTIMA story with you. Optima Jim was on his way home from work, when he passed a familiar site- a vehicle broken down on the side of the road, with a pair of jumper cables leading to another vehicle. As luck would have it, Jim had a spare Group 27 BLUETOP battery in his truck, so he stopped to see if he could offer some assistance. What he found was a father and son, who were attempting to re-start a camper van they had just purchased a week earlier.

As they told their story, they indicated the camper van hadn't been used in eight years when they bought it and they suspected the gas in the tank may have gone bad. Dan, the father, indicated his daughter had spent the weekend camping in the van and had used some lights while camping, but the van started fine...when it was jump-started by another vehicle. As Jim looked under the hood, he discovered what appeared to be a new battery, although it also appeared to be the smallest and least-expensive battery the previous owner could've purchased, which would've started the van and gotten it off his property.

While Dan didn't believe the previous owner would skimp on a battery, Jim asked how much money Dan would spend on a battery for a vehicle he was selling for $800? Neither Dan nor his son had a volt meter with them, so Jim grabbed his out of his truck and measured the voltage on his battery- 8 volts. Even though the van had been connected via jumper cables to a running Mustang for several minutes before Jim arrived, the battery was still deeply-discharged and unable to start the van.

Jim offered Dan a three-year old adOPTIMA BLUETOP that had been returned from a distributor and had been sitting in Jim's garage for over a year. The price was right (free) and Dan gladly accepted. It was a snug fit, but the tray on this van had clearly been designed for larger batteries and it accepted the D27M without issue.

One crank and the van started right up, where before not even clicking was heard. Of course, the van sputtered and gasped on eight-year old gas and died a few seconds later, but when they cranked it again, the BLUETOP responded and turned over the engine again. Dan and his son fired the van up at least a half dozen times more before Jim left, the three-year old BLUETOP easily cranking the engine each time. Another adOPTIMA battery has found a new home and we wish Dan and his son good luck with their new purchase and their new adOPTIMA!