Are OPTIMA BLUETOP Batteries Worth It?

OPTIMA Batteries
Harris Chain, Florida

OPTIMA Batteries have been the leader in the AGM battery market for decades and it's not by accident. If your products work well or even exceed expectations, people will find out. From weekend anglers to seasoned professionals, we see a lot of folks using OPTIMA BLUETOP batteries in marine applications, but are they worth the extra expense over a traditional flooded lead-acid battery? Not always.

It may seem surprising to hear a company say their products may not be worth the extra expense over another product, but we believe in providing honest, truthful information to customers or even potential customers. OPTIMA BLUETOP batteries are designed to last up to three times as long as a traditional flooded lead-acid battery, so you may want to reconsider purchasing OPTIMA batteries, if you do not plan on holding onto your boat for an extended period of time. If you pulled your boat out of storage in the Spring and just plan to sell it, a regular flooded lead-acid battery will serve you well for the next few weeks, while you try to sell your boat. Let the new owner decide if the OPTIMA upgrade is worthwhile.

Beyond those who are looking to sell their boats (or RVs) in the very near future, we do believe OPTIMA BLUETOP batteries are well worth the investment you make in them. While a select few anglers, like Edwin Evers, make their living by catching fish in tournaments, the vast majority of anglers go fishing for the fun and enjoyment of the experience. We meet them every day in the OPTIMA Canal on the legendary Harris Chain in Florida. We ask them about their batteries, how they charge and maintain them and if they are happy with their purchases.

Most of these anglers are not running OPTIMA batteries, including one angler named Larry, who we met a few days before an early-season tournament. Larry was not from Lake County and was using a boat he inherited from his father's estate. It was an older bass boat, but had a newer Mercury engine on it, which Larry had recently-purchased. We had a pleasant conversation with Larry as he fished the OPTIMA Canal and then we offered a phone number, where he could contact us in the future, if he ever considered replacing his batteries with OPTIMA BLUETOPs.

Two nights later (the night before the tournament), Larry called us. His cranking battery would not start his engine and his trolling motor batteries were also too discharged to start it. A fellow angler was towing him back to his launch, but by the time he pulled his boat out of the water, all the local stores that sell batteries would be closed. If he waited until morning, he'd miss the start of the tournament. He wanted to know if we could help him?

We directed him over to OPTIMA Jim's home on the Harris Chain, where Jim was able to install a D31M BLUETOP. It was far more battery than Larry needed to start his engine, but given the trouble he had with the other battery (not an OPTIMA) that was still under warranty, we wanted to make sure he had more than enough cranking power.

We'd like to say Larry went out the next day, landed five huge bass and won his tournament, but that didn't happen. In fact, Larry didn't land a single fish, but his boat engine started every time he turned the key, he got out on the water and was at least able to compete in the tournament he spent the whole week preparing for. Imagine all the planning that went into Larry's trip- boat prep (including a new engine), time taken off from work, time away from home, money spent on hotel rooms, fuel and restaurants. This single tournament was a big deal for Larry, regardless of how it turned out.

Even for recreational anglers, a normal fishing trip carries high expectations. You know you may not catch a trophy bass every time out, but you at least want to drop your line in the water and try. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a boat that won't start. If you value your time and want to make the most of it, we think OPTIMA BLUETOP batteries will help you do that. We know Larry is now a believer!