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More than 10 million vehicles in operation today require some level of "reset" or registration following the replacement of the battery with a NEW battery, including many newer Audis.

The purpose of "registering" is to notify the computer that a new battery has been installed, so that it changes the alternator output to match the charging profile needed for a new battery. As your old battery aged, it needed to be charged more aggressively. However, if the new battery is not registered with the vehicle, the charging system can overcharge the battery, which can lead to shorter overall battery lifespan.

The battery reset/registration process varies from one manufacturer to the next and some procedures are more involved than others. Some systems do not require any tools and can be completed by navigating the heads up display. Other systems require a scan tool or battery registration tool that can manually notify the vehicle that a new battery has been installed. Your dealership will have these tools, but may not offer this service for free.

Volkswagen and Audi are the only known OE manufacturers as of this writing, who require a BEM code to complete the registration process with the battery management system (BMS). You will need a scan tool to complete the registration process of these vehicles. You can find a scan tool at local repair shops or online. Retailers with known nationwide battery registration capability, in which they will register the new battery installation (likely requires the battery to be purchased there) include Advance Auto Parts and Autozone. 

How to register a new battery in a VW or Audi:

You will need these pieces of info:

  --Serial number: Change the first digit of the serial number that is already in your system or input 1234567890

  --BEM #: 000915105 CD (OPTIMA DH7),    000915105CC (OPTIMA DH6),    000915105CB (OPTIMA DH5)    Make sure to use the code that matches your battery size!

  --Ah: OPTIMA DH5 - 64  OPTIMA DH6 - 72  OPTIMA DH7 - 80

  --Manufacturer: JCB, VAO or EMC (Some cars will not have some of these options, but most cars will have at least one of these three, depending on when the car was manufactured. Choose one)

  PROCEDURE: Plug in the scan tool and locate the battery registration screen. In order to successfully register the battery, enter the correct information for your battery and change the serial number by at least one digit, or input 1234567890.