Best Battery for GMC Yukon

OPTIMA Batteries
Elkhart Lake, WI

The GMC Yukon, as well as it's GM siblings the Tahoe & Suburban are all full-sized SUVs offering tons of space for passengers, cargo and hauling ability, making them extremely versatile. As a result, many Yukon owners end up using them in a wide variety of applications and accessorize them accordingly. OPTIMA offers direct-fit battery upgrades for just about every generation of these venerable GM SUVs.

Many of the trucks in the first generation from 1992 to 2000 could accommodate a variety of battery sizes that feature both side and top terminals. These same batteries continued to be found in most GMC Yukons, Denalis, Tahoes and Suburbans in the second generation, which saw production run from 2000 until 2006.

The 2007 model year ushered in a significant change for the Yukon, Tahoe & Suburban and a new generation of trucks that started using a new generation of batteries. Many of these trucks came equipped with an H6 DIN battery, which became common in these trucks through the 2014 model year and OPTIMA offers a direct-fit H6 DIN YELLOWTOP battery upgrade that will fit right into everything from the base Yukon up to the top of the line Denali, as well as Tahoes and Suburbans.

Mid-year 2015 saw another new generation of trucks emerge and as electrical demands increased, so did the size of the batteries. Many new GMC Yukons, Denalis, Tahoes and Suburbans now come with H7 batteries, which are slightly larger & heavier than the H6 battery. As with the H6, OPTIMA also offers a direct-fit H7 battery upgrade rated at 880 CCAs, which is more than you'll find in many larger H8 batteries. 

A YELLOWTOP battery is an ideal option for your SUV, especially if you find that you have a deep-cycle application and you don't need to have a winch and rack of off-road lights to be considered a deep-cycle application. If your Yukon, Tahoe or Suburban has a video player that your kids watch frequently when the engine is off, then the battery in your truck is probably being deep-cycled by that use. The same is true for vehicles that have aftermarket stereos, alarm systems, dash cams and even satellite-based navigation systems, like OnStar, that are always searching for the best possible connection to a satellite. If you park your truck in a garage and make it harder for your satellite-based system to make a connection, it will probably do the same thing your cell phone does when it doesn't have a strong signal and it will consume more battery power to do it.

If you think your Yukon or other GM SUV is likely to be a deep-cycle application, don't take chances, buy an OPTIMA YELLOWTOP battery for it today, if that's the battery that fits in your truck. It will perform better and last longer than the flooded lead-acid alternatives on the market, that are primarily intended only for starting vehicles.