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Normally when wintertime comes around, we start reminding folks they should charge their car batteries. However, with so many people driving less in 2020, it seems like anytime is the right time to remind folks to charge their car batteries. So what car battery charger is best? We're obviously biased, but we think the OPTIMA Digital 1200 Charger & Maintainer is a great option, but for good reason. 

First off, this charger is exceptionally easy to use, even for folks who can barely find their battery in their car. Simply connect the ground (-) and positive (+) cables and you're one button away from your battery charging. Even if you don't touch any button on the charger to begin charging, the OPTIMA Digital 1200 Charger & Maintainer will eventually begin charging on it's own and will automatically go into maintenance mode or conditioning modes as needed.

Other chargers may have confusing settings for voltage and amperage, but the OPTIMA Digital 1200 Charger & Maintainer uses images on our chargers to identify the type of battery you are charging. Obviously, the colored OPTIMA batteries are two of the choices, but the other two are either a motorcycle battery or a standard automotive/marine battery (which is most of the batteries on the market). 

One of the great safety features of the OPTIMA Digital 1200 Charger & Maintainer, is that if you accidentally hook the charger up incorrectly, it won't create a dangerous situation and will ask you to check your connections. Another great safety feature is our no-spark connectors, that will not arc or spark if you accidentally (or intentionally) touch the positive and negative clamps. 

Our positive clamp also has a handy, integrated LED light, to help you locate a good ground for the negative clamp and the OPTIMA Digital 1200 Charger & Maintainer also has a USB port that can be used to charge your phone or other USB-compatible devices. One of the unusual features of the OPTIMA Digital 1200 Charger & Maintainer, is that it can recover batteries that have been deeply-discharged down to 1.25 volts (many other car battery chargers won't charge batteries that have been discharged below 10.5 volts)

Most car battery chargers on the market don't have much thought put into their design, when it comes to where you can store your cables. The OPTIMA Digital 1200 Charger & Maintainer has an integrated storage hatch on the backside of the unit, that can hold your charging cables, as well as an outer loop and latch to secure your power cable. 

The OPTIMA Digital 1200 Charger & Maintainer is a "smart" charger and is microprocessor-controlled, which means you don't need to worry about it overcharging your car battery. It will give your battery the current it needs, when it needs it. You can literally connect it to your battery indefinitely and not worry about whether it's working or needs to be turned off. While these chargers make great Christmas gifts, the truth is, they make great gifts anytime of the year and we've never met a car guy who has too many battery chargers in his garage.