Big Air F-250

F250 Big Air

The holidays mean shopping and while that can be a drag for many of us, we like to take the opportunity to browse the magazine sections at our favorite big box retailers.  It was just such an excursion that led us to the February 2011 issue of Off-Road magazine and their feature story on Luke Gibson's amazing Ford F-250.  You just don't see Quad Cab trucks catching big air on a regular basis and Gibson's Ford does it with ease. 

They say "500" is the new "300" when it comes to horsepower, but Luke doubled it up, pumping 600 horsepower out of his 521 cubic-inch big block.  Naturally, the feature that pleased us most was the fact that Gibson is running an OPTIMA YellowTop.  Our batteries are 15 times more resistant to vibration than standard flooded batteries, which is really beneficial in an application like Luke's.  If you'd like to get the full story on Gibson's F-250, check out the February 2011 issue of Off-Road magazine or click here.