Bret Voelkel wins Wilwood Brakes Speed/Stop Challenge

Ultimate Streetcar
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The Wilwood Brakes Speed/Stop Challenge is likely the most-challenging event in the OPTIMA Faceoff, OUSCI and other similar events, in terms of familiarity. Competitors often get opportunities to hone their skills on the autocross or on road courses, but this event is somewhat unique to these types of events. It has an acceleration component similar to launching on a dragstrip, but the traction conditions are much different. It also has a handling component similar to autocrosses, but almost designed to get the back end on a car to come around at any moment.

The braking component may be the most-challenging, because there is a sense of urgency to get to the stop box as soon as possible, but in doing so, drivers tend to overshoot the box. The pressure in this event is intense, as the difference between winning and finishing out of the top-10 is often less than a second. The only way to get familiar with this event is to do it, which ends up favoring competitors who have done it in the past. There are a lot of familiar names amongst the top finishers, with Ridetech's Bret Voelkel topping the list in his '33 Ford Coupe, with a fast time of 19.511 seconds, just 13 thousandths of a second ahead of second-place finisher, Brian Finch. See the entire finishing order here:

Bret Voelkel0700:19.511125
Brian Finch0100:19.524222
Stephen Kepler3400:19.878320
Todd Rumpke5700:19.923418
Robert Bertelson0800:19.995516
Tom Farrington2100:20.229615
Murray Hersh2800:20.258714
Brian Finch0200:20.280813
Terry Neuville4500:20.379912
Danny Popp0600:20.4271011
Tom McBride6600:20.4801110
Karl Dunn2000:20.581129
Mark Greenisen2500:20.618138
Ryan Mathews0400:20.647147
Rich Gregory2600:20.673156
Jason Childress0500:20.760165
Randy Johnson2900:20.911174
Chris Jacobs3200:20.913183
Brad Granger0300:20.920192
Dannie Pinard4700:21.302201
Tim McGilton4200:21.347210
Deborah McGilton2700:21.515220
Jeff Smith6000:21.518230
John Kundrat3800:21.547240
Nick Sanfilippo7400:21.580250
Jim Schmittinger5800:21.606260
Dennis Prunty5200:21.623270
Rob McGaffin4100:21.651280
Kevin Wesley6700:21.858290
Duke Roddy5500:21.912300
Peter Devereaux1800:21.923310
Scott LaPointe3900:21.943320
Daniel Howe3100:22.013330
Steve Rivett5400:22.014340
Jeff VanBuren6500:22.024350
Jeff Schwartz5900:22.029360
Eric McClellan4000:22.161370
Damion Campbell1200:22.233380
Ryan Krayer3700:22.241390
Rick Dieckman1900:22.243400
Mark Golovin2300:22.437410
Craig Cherek1300:22.450420
Mike South6200:22.480430
Eric Wracker7000:22.485440
Stephen Kepler7100:22.498450
Cole Quinnell4800:22.545460
Jonathan Winker6800:22.549470
Grant Reierson5100:22.603480
Al Radonski7200:22.616490
Jusin Nall4400:22.623500
Herb Stuart6400:22.630510
Jim Stehlin6300:22.642520
Brian Davis1600:22.798530
Christine Bristow0900:22.922540
Gary Flentge2200:22.993550
Peter Palumbo4600:23.015560
Perry Rossi5600:23.191570
Daryl Brockman1000:23.341580
Tony Ramos4900:23.529590
Steve Brown1100:23.564600
Pedro Gonzales2400:23.827610
Craig Johnson3300:25.151620
Bill Chapman7300:25.328630
Troy Borgen3600:26.089640
Mark Sollazo6100:26.709650