Bret Voelkel's '32 Ford Wins the Wilwood Disc Brakes Speed Stop Challenge at the 2012 OUSCI

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The format may have changed in 2012 for the Wilwood Disc Brakes Speed Stop Challenge, but there's no question the competition was tighter than ever. Last year's winner, Gary Rubio, piloted his all-wheel drive GT-R from a standing stop and into a 40-foot box about 1/8-mile away, in just 6.541 seconds. In 2012, the format was changed, to include a hairpin turn and a decreasing slalom, before competitors hit the stop box.

The change has resulted in significantly longer times to run the course, as RideTech's Bret Voelkel was the top performer this year, with a time of 18.352 seconds, nearly three times as long as Rubio's time from the year before. However, the gap between first and 20th in 2012 only increased by .376 seconds, with Dennis McCarthy grabbing the final point-earning spot with a time of 20.003 seconds.

Attrition also manifested itself, as the Wilwood Speed Stop Challenge was run after lunch, giving mechanical issues plenty of time to appear in the morning sessions. Seven competitors failed to make a run in the Speed Stop, including defending OUSCI champion, Danny Popp.

At the top of the field, the competition was extremely tight, as Voelkel edged out second place finisher, Todd Earsley(18.365), by just 13 thousandths of a second. The finishing order for the rest of the field is as follows:

3. Travis Hill
4. Joey Seely
5. Brian Finch
6. Karl Dunn
7. Phil Gerber
8. Brian Hobaugh
9. Steven Rupp
10. Rob McGregor
11. Mark Stielow
12. Kyle Tucker
13. Dale Akuszewski
14. Bob Bertelsen
15. Jeff Cleary
16. Cliff Elliot
17. Ryan Mathews
18. Jim Holloway
19. Stacy Tucker
20. Dennis McCarthy
21. Fabryce Kutyba
22. Brad Coomer
23. Todd Rumpke
24. Greg Davidson
25. David Brandt
26. Richard Caleel
27. Ron Schwarz
28. Jessie Vaughn
29. Herb Stuart
30. John Buttermore
31. Mark Bowler
32. Grant Reierson
33. Chris Smith
34. Curt Hill
35. Brian Davis
36. Mike Ardito
37. Cole Quinnell
38. Nick Licata
39. Blue Offutt
40. Josh Barnett
41. Mark Capener
42. Zeke Peterson
43. Pedro Gonzalez
44. Paul Welch
45. Todd Foust
46. Danny Popp (DNS)
47. Dan Howe (DNS)
48. Matthew Collins (DNS)
49. Ben Therrien (DNS)
50. Albert Melchior (DNS)
51. Chris Frick (DNS)
52. Dave Pulley (DNS)

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