Cadillac SRX Battery

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GM's Theta platform has produced several popular compact and mid-sized crossover SUVs, including the Cadillac SRX, which was Cadillac's best-selling model during it's popular run. The direct-fit upgrade for the Cadillac SRX is OPTIMA's H6 YELLOWTOP (also known as a Group 48 battery) and you can order it direct from the factory and have it shipped to your doorstep.

The versatile Theta platform also produced several other crossover SUVs, including the short-lived Saab 9-4X, the GMC Terrain and the Chevrolet Equinox. The OPTIMA H6 YELLOWTOP is a direct-fit upgrade for all of those vehicles as well. At 800 Cold Cranking Amps, the OPTIMA H6 will have more than enough power to start any of those vehicles, which often came equipped with a battery from the factory that offered less than 700 cold cranking amps. You can order the OPTIMA H6/Group 48 YELLOWTOP direct from the factory and have it shipped to your doorstep today!