Camaros on the Hot Rod Power Tour 2012

OPTIMA Batteries
Milford, MI

The Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour celebrates it's 25th anniversary in 2019 and we've been along for the ride on many of them in the past. If you've never been, you should put it on your bucket list, as it's not just a week-long rolling car show, the event visits some pretty iconic automotive venues. One of the most unique that the Power Tour may have ever visited is the Milford Proving Ground in Michigan. This 4,000-acre facility has just about every kind of automotive surface you can think of, including a 67-acre "Black Lake" of paved asphalt. The Power Tour is a massive gathering of automobile, so having that kind of space available at any of the stops is definitely a good idea.

Camaros are one of the most-popular vehicles on Power Tour, so it should come as no surprise that we saw a bunch at GM's first testing facility, which opened in 1924. Take a look at the full gallery below, which features nearly 100 Camaros from five different generations that visited the Milford Proving Ground back in 2012 (we have  batteries to fit all of them).