Can You Put a Battery In While a Car Is On?

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Las Vegas, Nevada

There are a lot of things people can do with cars and trucks, but that doesn't mean they are all good ideas. We install hundreds of batteries each year, just at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and when it comes to installing or changing a battery in a vehicle with the engine running, put us firmly in the group that believes that is a really bad idea, just from a safety perspective (it could actually cause significant damage to the electrical system on some newer vehicles). 

Batteries should always be handled with great care, including the use of protective eyewear and there are a variety of hazards in the engine compartment of a running vehicle, including moving belts and fans. How exposed those moving parts may be to an individual installing a battery may vary, based on the vehicle, but it's better to be safe than sorry. If you need to install a battery in a vehicle and don't want to lose presets, there are easier ways to go about it, including memory saver devices. Don't take a chance when installing a battery in a vehicle. Play it safe and turn the engine off.

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