Charging & Testing Your Battery- Do it now!


Back in October, we went out to Las Vegas for the 2012 SEMA show and offered to swap new OPTIMA® batteries for old batteries (OPTIMA or not) that were in vehicles headed into the show. the response was overwhelming and we ended up with quite a few slightly-used OPTIMA Batteries, that still had a lot of good life left in them.

We weren't about to just recycle these batteries if they could find a good home.  Instead, we put them into our ADOPTIMA program, where we find new homes for previously-used (and sometimes mis-used) OPTIMA Batteries.  As we were placing these old batteries into a charging station, we noticed this YELLOWTOP® had a label on it, indicating it had been previously-charged and tested at one of our retail partners.

Did you notice that this label says "Charge Test?"  Typically, when consumers are concerned about the health of their battery and they bring it in for testing, the battery is not fully-charged.  If it is tested in a partially or deeply-discharged state, it will likely test "bad," even though it may just need to be recharged before testing.

That is why this retailer puts "Charge" on the label- it helps remind both the sales associates and consumers that before a proper battery test can take place, an attempt must first be made to fully-charge a battery.  If a battery is deeply-discharged, this can take several hours or longer, depending on the state of charge and the size of the battery. Fully-charged, our REDTOP® batteries (and 34M BLUETOP®) will measure about 12.6-12.8 volts, while our YELLOWTOP and BLUETOP batteries (except for the 34M) will measure about 13.0-13.2 volts.

Even though we're already into December, many parts of the country are still enjoying relatively-mild weather.  This won't last forever and the cold weather is coming, so it's a good idea to make sure your battery is ready to perform when the time comes.  If your battery is several years old or you've been working it really hard and are concerned that it may not make it through the winter, take it to a local battery professional to have it tested.  Many retailers will only charge a small fee and some will even do it for free!

Whatever the cost, it's a small price to pay for peace of mind as you drive through the winter months.  If your vehicle is in storage for the winter, we hope you have either fully-charged and disconnected your battery from your vehicle or you are using a quality battery maintainer, like the OPTIMA Digital 1200, to keep it topped off through the off-season.

If you don't have a good battery maintainer or you are in the market for a new battery, we will add a year to the warranty of your new OPTIMA, if you buy both your battery and charger from us at the same time. (They make great Christmas presents too)