ChumpCar World Series at Road America 2013

If memory serves, the motivation behind the creation of the ChumpCar World Series and it's successor, the ChampCar Endurance Series, was to offer people a (somewhat) affordable opportunity to go road racing. As you can see from the images in the 100-photo gallery below, the cars are not the Concurs-level restorations or Barrett-Jackson hero cars. They're built to go racing and burn up tires, brakes, fuel, oil and smaller piles of cash.

We're headed over to our home track of Road America this weekend (April 19, 2019) to check out their Spring race, but it reminded us of the Fall race the ChumpCar iteration of the series ran back in 2013. When we did a quick search, we realized we posted a few photos on our Facebook page, Pinterest, Tumblr and a few other spots, but no albums here on our website, so this should correct that oversight. If you'd like to learn more about Champcar, head over to their website.