Congratulations to OPTIMA Racer & World Record Holder, Phil Veldheer!


Last year, OPTIMA-sponsored drag racer, Phil Veldheer set the IHRA world record for F/CM.  Last weekend, Veldheer set yet another record in H/CM and has run a best of 10.666 at 122 mph.  That sounds simple enough, but setting a record in IHRA isn't as easy as showing up and making passes.

In IHRA Pro/AM racing, racers wanting to set a new record must show up at the race track with their engine disassembled.  Phil made contact Friday morning around 11:00 AM with the IHRA tech group and they started by checking cylinder heads, valves, pistons, bore and stroke and finally allowed him to start reassembling his engine around 1:30 PM, while they looked at the carburator, intake manifold and camshaft.  When word came to Phil that he passed inspection, he finished by installing the intake, carb and distributor.  After that, he poured some water into the radiator and fired up his Camaro around 6 PM. 

He then drove back to his pit area and made one pass on Friday night, to make sure there were no leaks.  He knew the pass felt strong and with the dew point climbing 17 points on Saturday morning, conditions became very sticky.  Phil made two official runs and they were within 1% of each other, so the results were legal and he now holds four IHRA world records at the same time with one race car.  Congratulations Phil and we wish you continued success this season!