Congratulations to RAMINATOR, RAMMUNITION & Hall Bros. Racing!


It was a big weekend for Hall Brothers Racing their monster trucks, RAMINATOR RAMMUNITION. The trucks were competing at Monster Jam in Kansas City and came away with three victories. We'll let Tim Hall explain how it all went down-

I think we just returned from the battle of attrition in the artic in Kansas City! Due to a building ventilation issue, they had to leave the doors open in the arena. It just so happens that the pit area was just inside one of those doors and it was 4 degrees outside! It was really cold in there and the pit area at times resembled a junk yard.

The trucks didn't like it much either. Every team suffered breakage in one way or another due to the cold. Our RAM's, while not immune to the damage, soldiered on. Mark Hall in RAMINATOR took one win over the weekend, and Mat Dishman in RAMMUNITION managed to bring home 2 wins!

It was a tough battle, but I think our team left with the most still intact. Grave Digger suffered a blown motor, torn up differential, and other assorted damage. Several teams suffered tire and axle damage. Many driveshafts and drivetrain parts were destroyed in the cold. RAMINATOR had some issues with rear steer hoses and RAMMUNITION broke a driveline yoke at one point. But the crew never gave up, and the machines were always ready to go.

Now it is on to warmer climates! Mike Miller and Mark Hall have the Hotsy RAMINATOR out in Tulare, California for the World Ag Expo. Our Monster Jam event this time takes us down to Macon, Georgia. That is all from here!

Tim Hall