Dennis Prunty drives 1981 Pontiac Trans Am to Win in Ridetech Autocross

Ultimate Streetcar
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SCCA National Champion, Mary Pozzi was on hand to give pointers in ride-alongs, but no amount of schooling could help anyone catch Dennis Prunty in the Ridetech Autocross at the 2013 OPTIMA┬« Faceoff at Road America. Prunty ran a blistering time of 43.099 seconds, beating second-place finisher, Bret Voelkel, by .358 seconds. Prunty's ride was a 1981 Pontiac Trans Am out of West Bend Dyno's garage, which produces a whopping 1,300 horsepower. Fortunately, he was able to harness all that power when he needed it most, topping a very impressive field of competitors. See the full results here:

Dennis Prunty5200:43.099125
Bret Voelkel0700:43.457222
Brian Finch0200:43.835320
Stephen Kepler3400:43.852418
Brian Finch0100:43.896516
Danny Popp0600:44.073615
Murray Hersh2800:44.112714
Todd Rumpke5700:44.121813
Karl Dunn2000:44.277912
Chris Jacobs3200:44.3281011
Jason Childress0500:44.5711110
Tim McGilton4200:44.628129
Ryan Mathews0400:44.689138
Tom McBride6600:44.747147
Mark Greenisen2500:44.768156
Terry Neuville4500:45.212165
Randy Johnson2900:45.240174
Robert Bertelson0800:45.259183
Rich Gregory2600:45.270192
Stephen Kepler7100:45.297201
Daniel Howe3100:45.544210
Brad Granger0300:45.672220
Kevin Wesley6700:45.774230
Larry Woo6900:46.181240
Jeff VanBuren6500:46.523250
Tom Farrington2100:46.560260
Jesse Riggle5300:46.565270
Dannie Pinard4700:46.707280
Rob McGaffin4100:46.949290
Eric Wracker7000:47.167300
Jim Schmittinger5800:47.275310
Nick Sanfilippo7400:47.496320
Brian Davis1600:47.708330
Mark Golovin2300:47.752340
Gary Flentge2200:47.762350
John Kundrat3800:47.830360
Jusin Nall4400:47.841370
Damion Campbell1200:48.040380
Jeff Smith6000:48.089390
Duke Roddy5500:48.183400
Peter Devereaux1800:48.234410
Ryan Krayer3700:48.302420
Herb Stuart6400:48.490430
Mike South6200:48.621440
Jim Stehlin6300:48.744450
Tony Ramos4900:48.750460
Eric McClellan4000:48.845470
Troy Borgen3600:48.946480
Rick Dieckman1900:48.994490
Jonathan Winker6800:49.138500
Peter Palumbo4600:49.223510
Perry Rossi5600:49.240520
Al Radonski7200:49.534530
Craig Cherek1300:49.699540
Daryl Brockman1000:49.881550
Craig Johnson3300:50.155560
Steve Rivett5400:50.860570
Pedro Gonzales2400:51.011580
Bill Chapman7300:51.293590
Deborah McGilton2700:51.735600
Scott LaPointe3900:51.822610
Cole Quinnell4800:52.119620
Christine Bristow0900:52.535630
Steve Brown1100:52.878640
Mark Sollazo6101:03.675650