Do I Need a Special Charger for an OPTIMA Battery?

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Tavares, Florida
One of the most-common misconceptions about OPTIMA batteries is that they require "special" battery chargers. That's just not true. The fact is, most battery chargers will work just fine on OPTIMA batteries in most situations. However, when any battery (OPTIMA or otherwise) gets deeply-discharged, many chargers will have trouble charging those batteries.

The reason is that some chargers have very basic operating parameters that assume any battery discharged below a specific voltage level (sometimes as high as 10.5 volts), must be a bad battery and either won't deliver current to that battery or will automatically turn off after a brief period of time, if the battery voltage doesn't reach a specific level in a specific amount of time. Those older-style chargers can be fooled into delivering current to a deeply-discharged battery, by using a parallel charging technique, but there is an easier solution- use a charger that is capable of charging deeply-discharged batteries.

OPTIMA chargers and maintainers can deliver current to batteries that have been discharged down to 1.25 volts and can take the guesswork out of what some folks see as a very intimidating task, automatically charging and maintaining batteries as needed. They also feature spark-free technology and reverse polarity protection. That means if you don't connect the charger correctly to the battery, the charger will safely alert you. We're so confident OPTIMA chargers will maximize battery performance and lifespan, we'll add a full year of warranty coverage to your OPTIMA battery when you purchase it, if you buy an OPTIMA Digital 1200 charger at the same time.