Do You Want to be in the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational?

Ultimate Streetcar
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Las Vegas, NV
It is a chorus we hear on a regular basis- "I'd love to get my car into the OUSCI," but many of those folks seem to be at a loss when it comes to figuring out what it takes to get invited. Letters arrive on a daily basis from car owners who want in on the action, but writing a letter about what a car could do is a world apart from seeing what a car actually does when it hits the track.
There are simply not enough spaces in the OUSCI for us to hand out invitations to cars that are long on potential, but short on actual time on the road, let alone the track. That is why we hold qualifying events around the country and encourage folks to get out and show us what their car can do in the real world.
"My car just isn't good enough" and "my car isn't where I want it to be yet" are also common refrains that we hear from people who have an interest in participating, but don't think they'd have a chance to get invited to the OUSCI. We can't emphasize the "I" in OUSCI enough to these folks. We certainly want amazing cars in the OUSCI field, but we also want to make sure we invite participants who represent the diversity and grassroots enthusiasm of our industry.
When Telly Violetto showed up at the 2010 Faceoff at Road America in a nearly-stock 1978 Trans Am, he was just looking to have some fun and gain some experience on the track. He went out and had an absolute blast, tearing around the road course at Road America, plowing through the autocross and sliding sideways in the stop box at the Speed/Stop Challenge. We were so impressed with his enthusiasm, we gave him a Spirit of the Event invitation to the 2010 OUSCI. Telly's life and Trans Am both underwent serious changes after that and he had an absolute blast out in Nevada and picked up plenty of exposure along the way.
Will you and your car be the next to receive an invitation to the OUSCI? Probably not, unless we see you at a qualifying event or the SEMA show itself. Pull the trigger and sign up today. You'll be glad you did!