Does My Jeep Need a Special Battery?

OPTIMA Batteries
Uvalde, Texas

Most Jeeps don't need special batteries. However, if your Jeep gets used in applications, where there are extreme demands on the electrical system, then an upgrade may be in order. These applications could include, but are not limited to Jeeps with winches, aftermarket stereo or alarm systems, auxiliary lights, refrigerators and other similar accessories.

If you believe your Jeep places a lot of demand on the electrical system, you may want to consider upgrading to an appropriately-sized OPTIMA YELLOWTOP, that is designed & warrantied for both starting and deep-cycle use. Most modern Jeeps will use a DH6 YELLOWTOP, like the one featured in the video above. However, if your Jeep uses a battery like our D34/78 YELLOWTOP, that features both top and side terminals, we would strongly encourage you to connect your winch or other high-draw accessories to the top post terminals. Those terminals are the most-direct connection to the battery and will provide the optimal connection for those accessories, whereas the side terminals are designed to deliver the short bursts of power needed for engine starting.

Regardless of the battery your Jeep uses or the battery you choose to for your Jeep, the best thing you can do to maximize battery performance & lifespan is to keep your battery voltage properly-maintained. Most 12-volt lead-acid batteries are not fully-charged until they measure at least 12.6 volts and our YELLOWTOP batteries are fully-charged at about 13.0-13.2 volts. Regular use of a quality battery charger or maintainer will pay for itself over time, by extending the lifespan of your battery.