Does OPTIMA Make 6-Volt Marine Batteries?

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Today's question comes from Martin S., who says:

I have a small fishing boat and run a 55-lb thrust electric motor on it.  When I bought batteries, I was told to buy "commercial" such as those used in a golf cart.  I did and have had very good service out of them. I paired two 6-volt batteries in series, but now one battery has a weak cell and I may need another battery in the spring.  Can I pair a 6-volt, deep-cycle marine battery with the commercial one that is still good, or would two deep-cycle marine batteries give me more power than my present setup?

Martin, paired batteries need to be identical in size, type and age, so if you stay with a dual-battery configuration, you will always need to replace both batteries at the same time.  OPTIMA's 6-volt batteries are not deep-cycle batteries and are not designed for this type of application.  Another option for trolling motors on smaller boats is to use a single 12-volt battery, designed for deep-cycle use, such as our BLUETOP batteries with light gray cases.