Does OPTIMA Make a Battery for Gem Cars?

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Our question today comes from Dave K., who recently purchased a 2002 GEM car, which he tells us is powered by six 12-volt batteries.  Dave wants to know if OPTIMA offers a replacement battery for GEM cars?

From what we've been able to gather, flooded lead-acid batteries are standard equipment on GEM vehicles and "Gel" batteries are optional.  We say it often, but it always bears repeating- gel batteries are very different from AGM or flooded, lead-acid batteries.  Generally speaking, lead-acid batteries can be charged and treated just like regular lead-acid batteries.  However, gel batteries are a much different technology and have different charging requirements.  If your GEM came with a charging system set up for gel batteries, it will not fully-charge OPTIMA batteries and could damage them over time.

If your charging system is capable of properly charging lead-acid batteries, our Group 31 BLUETOPs are the largest we produce and would probably be the most suitable for your application.  You can view the specifications on them here.

Whether you are using our lead-acid batteries or anyone else's, the key to long battery life is voltage maintenance.  When batteries are discharged below 12.4 volts, sulfation begins to diminish both performance and longevity.  Many GEMs only see occasional or seasonal use.  If your vehicle only sees occasional use, keeping the batteries properly-maintained and fully-charged while in storage will help extend their lifespan.