Does OPTIMA make golf cart batteries?

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Today's question comes from Joe K, who asks: Are you considering development of a battery for golf cart applications? Would an automatic, electronic 48-volt charger need to be modified to accommodate the gel cell batteries?

Those are great questions Joe, thanks for asking! While we know some folks use our batteries in golf cart applications, we do not have a golf cart-specific battery at this time. For gas-powered golf carts, an appropriately-sized REDTOP battery works great for engine starting applications. However, we would not recommend those batteries for electric carts, as they are not designed or warrantied for deep-cycle use.

As for charging, all OPTIMA batteries are AGM (absorbed glass mat), which is a very different technology than gel batteries. As a result, the charging parameters are different as well and we do not recommend using any "gel" or even "gel/AGM" charger settings, as they may not fully-charge an OPTIMA and could damage it over time. We also do not recommend charging our batteries at a rate that exceeds 10 amps.