DriveAutoX at Grissom Reserve AFB Results & Photos- SCN


OPTIMA Batteries' DriveAutoX Series, presented by FM3 Performance Marketing is a different kind of autocross event. The courses tend to be very long and competitors are only asked to be safe, have fun and enjoy friendly competition. There is no course work required in OPTIMA's DriveAutoX Series, so if a competitor isn't behind the wheel of their car knocking down cones, they're not required to go pick up someone else's. Competitors are also divided into six different classes for competition.

As the name suggests, the SCN Class is for sport compact cars that are naturally-aspirated. They can have four or six-cylinder engines or two rotors, but not all-wheel drive. Those vehicles would include various Hondas, Mazdas and BMWs, among others. Competitors spend all day Saturday laying down the fastest times possible with a last-chance qualifier Sunday morning, before being slotted into an eight-car elimination bracket. The top-eight finishers in each class are a result of that elimination format, with positions outside of the top-eight determined by their fastest time. The results and photos from the DriveAutoX event held at Grissom Reserve Air Force Base in Peru, Indiana are below:

Paul Kolattorowicz2006 Honda S20001
James Vital1998 Nissan 240SX2
Nick Rieber2005 Honda S20003
Erik Vandermey2007 Mazda MX54
Daniel Vang1999 Honda Civic5
Matthew Grainger2005 BMW M36
Michael Cavanaugh2016 Mazda Miata7
Marty Montagno2005 BMW M38
Bob Bailey2016 Mazda MX59
Tara Johns2017 Mazda Miata10
Justin King2001 Mazda Miata11