DriveOPTIMA at NCM Motorsports Park 2019 Album Two

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OPTIMA's Search for the Ultimate Street Car, presented by Advance Auto Parts, travels the country in search of the very best all-around street cars and trucks. NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky is often considered one of the favorite stops by competitors and also one of the most-competitive. If you can win at Bowling Green, you can probably win just about anywhere. That was proven again this year, as defending OUSCI champion, Mike DuSold, took home top honors in his '67 Camaro.

We also saw 25 of the 27 cars that ran at both Daytona and Bowling Green score lower in Bowling Green. Why did that happen? Lots of really good cars showed up at NCM Motorsports Park and spread the points out, making it harder to score well. This happened last year, as we saw 15 of 23 cars that ran at Bowling Green and NOLA Motorsports Park score more points at NOLA and 18 of 23 cars that ran at both Bowling Green and Road America score more in Elkhart Lake.

Does that mean NOLA and Road America are always better options for scoring more points? Not necessarily, as everything depends on who signs up and how they run at a given event. It does certainly seem like NCM tends to be tougher for competitors than most tracks though. Enjoy another large album of photos from this year's event below and check out even more  here.