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Ford's fourth generation Transit vans have a wide range of uses, from the modern family truckster to the basis for small buses. These vans also have had a variety of engine options over the years, but one constant has remained the same, since the 2015 model year launch- the battery. 

While some of these Transit vans may have two batteries, instead of just one, they all use the same size battery- an H6 (also known as a Group 48). These batteries are located not in the engine compartment, but underneath the driver's seat. This helps reduce heat exposure to the battery, which should help prolong lifespan. However, it involves a somewhat major undertaking to access and change the battery.

Because the process of getting at the Ford Transit's battery is so involved, relative to other battery swaps, it's not something you want to get in the habit of doing very often. That's why we recommend the OPTIMA DH6 YELLOWTOP battery, which is a direct-fit replacement for the Transit. You'll notice these batteries weigh in at a hefty 54 pounds, which is nearly 20 pounds heavier than some other H6 battery options.

Why do OPTIMA DH6 batteries weigh so much more? Because all of our batteries have thick, robust cast straps that connect the cells. This allows for superior current flow. In other words, the electricity can get in and out of the battery a lot more efficiently than a typical battery that uses more constrictive tombstone welds.

OPTIMA batteries also pack in more active material than many other batteries. That can mean more cranking amps and more reserve capacity. That can also result in a longer lifespan, because the shallower the discharge on a battery, the more cycles you will get out of it. In other words, if starting your Transit van knocks your OE battery state of charge back to 95%, it might only take an OPTIMA battery down to 98%. Three percent doesn't sound like a lot, but over the lifespan of a battery and thousands of cycles, it can definitely add up. 

OPTIMA batteries are also completely sealed, which is definitely a feature you want, if you are mounting a battery inside a vehicle. Regardless of what battery you end up choosing for your Transit, we would strongly encourage you to be vigilant in maintaining proper voltage in your battery (the OPTIMA DH6 is fully-charged at about 13.0-13.2V). Doing that will maximize battery performance and lifespan, regardless of the brand you choose. We're so confident that is the case, we'll add an extra year of warranty coverage on your OPTIMA DH6, if you buy it from us and buy our Digital 1200 charger & maintainer at the same time!