From the Pros: Why I Run OPTIMA Q&A


We asked a variety of PowerPro Ambassadors why they choose to run OPTIMA Batteries, including:

  • Neil Tjin, President of Tjin Edition
  • James Clay, founder and owner of BimmerWorld
  • Chris Parrish, Three-Time World Record Holder in Men's Slalom Water Skiing
  • Jerett Brooks, Professional Short Course Off Road Racer
  • Art Tuason, Founder and Owner of Hoppos Suspension

Here’s what they had to say:

Q: When did you first start using OPTIMA products?


A: I have been using OPTIMA Batteries since the early 90's when I first rolled up my sleeves to start modifying cars, and the YELLOWTOP was the battery to have. I've been using them for any modification where reliability and performance matter, which is pretty much every car I touch. – James Clay

A: I started using OPTIMA BLUETOP Batteries in my boats three years ago. – Chris Parrish

A: I first started using OPTIMA Batteries once I moved up to the professional level and I started racing Pro Lites five or six years ago. I haven’t trusted any other battery and I was able to win three championships in six years of racing Pro Lite with OPTIMA Batteries. – Jerett Brooks

Q: What was the first vehicle you had that was powered by an OPTIMA Battery?


A: I first used OPTIMA Batteries in a Delta 88 where we used six YELLOWTOP Batteries to run the hydraulic system. – Art Tuason

A: I bought my first OPTIMA in 2005 for my Nissan Skyline R34 and have been using them ever since in our all our Tjin Edition builds. – Neil Tjin

A: The first car was a Dodge Stealth, which was a car stereo show car that would sit around all day with the stereo running at various events, powered only by the OPTIMA YELLOWTOP Battery. When I started racing and needed a battery that would sit for long periods between races without special handling, wouldn't let me down on the starting grid, and could run the car for a race if the alternator failed, OPTIMA was the proven choice. – James Clay

Q: What is the most frequently asked question you get about OPTIMA from your fans/fellow racers/customers? How do you typically answer this?

A: Most of the questions I field are about the OPTIMA product itself. The foundation of our BimmerWorld business is offering the best parts to our customers, and it is understood that all of our partners deliver on that product promise. It has been a really enjoyable relationship with the OPTIMA brand as I get to help other people out choose the right product, use it properly, and answer technical questions along the way. – James Clay

A: How often have we had a battery failure? We’ve never once had a single battery issue or battery related failure in a race using OPTIMA Batteries. I’ve won 3 championships with OPTIMA Batteries on board and wouldn’t use any other product. We also use them in our boats, motorhomes, trucks and golf carts too. – Jerett Brooks

Q: Why do you run OPTIMA Batteries?

A: There’s no comparison with OPTIMA BLUETOP Batteries to other marine batteries. I know the BLUETOPS are going to last a very long time and going to perform at an optimal level. – Chris Parrish

A: I run OPTIMA Batteries because they provide the longevity and superior design needed to power my customer’s vehicles. – Art Tuason

A: We run OPTIMA Batteries because of all the things that can and will go wrong in racing, I feel that these batteries just give me one less thing to worry about. We have used some super lightweight batteries where rules allow and the situation dictates, but I've had enough problems that I'll even take the weight penalty to put in a standard sized OPTIMA Battery and not sweat it. – James Clay

Q: Tell me about your experience using OPTIMA Chargers.

A: OPTIMA Chargers are especially great for show vehicles as it keeps them fresh and always performing at the top of their potential. – Neil Tjin

A: I use OPTIMA Chargers everywhere these days - at my house, the BimmerWorld shop, on the road with the race team, and at the lake. With all the racing and travel, I'm not always the best vehicle owner, and I have a bad habit of letting batteries drain down - especially on vehicles that are used less often. Even on normal lead acid or the AGM batteries in my skis, the OPTIMA chargers bring back some seemingly drained batteries thanks to the conditioning cycle and built-in charging logic. – James Clay

A: Both the 400 and 1200 series OPTIMA Chargers are kept in our race trailer but we also use them at the river with the boats and jet skis, too. The USB port is always handy as well! – Jerett Brooks

Q: How do OPTIMA Batteries compare to other batteries you have used in the past?

A: OPTIMA makes a fantastic battery which I’ve purchased with my hard-earned money and ran for years. But more than that, OPTIMA is the most active brand in our industry, driving automotive enthusiasm by creating events that promote and develop car culture. OPTIMA puts on some of the most engaging automotive-focused events; it is just a good time to hang out with other enthusiasts, surrounded by a lot of awesome hardware. – James Clay

A: It’s been a long time since we’ve run anything else but it all goes back to reliability and life span. A big thing for us is the life span of the battery and we feel that OPTIMA Batteries are far superior to anything else out there when it comes to that. The different options also allows us to use them for different applications. One of the most important things for us is the power we get from the battery as we never have to worry about it failing on us even with these high powered vehicles that have higher electrical loads. – Jerett Brooks