Great Deals for ChumpCar World Series Racers


The partnership OPTIMA┬« Batteries has had with the ChumpCar World Series has been a lot of fun for us and we hope the same is true for the competitors. We've been supplying batteries to competitors at selected events for quite some time now and were surprised to hear recently that a race we had planned on sending batteries to didn't need them. We were told many of the competitors were veterans from other events, already running our products and there were enough leftover batteries from other races, that sending more wasn't necessary at this time. While it's nice to know our batteries are holding up so well in such abusive conditions, we know other parts of these race cars need constant attention. It's nice to know other sponsors have stepped up to offer their products to ChumpCar competitors, some even passing along significant savings. Check out these deals-

Red Line has released an all-new gear oil, 75W110 GL-5, a fully-synthetic ester formula of an intermediate viscosity offering shear stability, less gear noise more consistent limited-slip operation in performance applications. 75W110 GL-5 offers enthusiasts a choice in between Red Line's popular 75W90 75W140 selections for everyday use, track days racing activity.  
"We worked with our best teams in-house project cars to nail a viscosity that would help our customers have more fun keep their cars handling properly under extreme conditions," said Cameron Evans, Red Line President. "From IMSA road racing to our ChumpCar BMW, this new product was literally developed on the track, but works for the street customer. It also does a great job controlling noisy differentials while avoiding the parasitic loss of a thick gear oil."
Red Line's 75W110 GL-5 provides excellent wear protection friction reduction across a wide range of operating conditions helps maximize the performance of your vehicle by having a high natural viscosity index (VI) that provides thicker oil film for differential related components high levels of friction modifier to suit most LSDs without additional additive. Available now in quarts (MSRP $16.95) from Red Line Oil dealers nationwide. To find a dealer or order online, log onto or call 800.624.7958.
Frozen Rotors would like to congratulate Troy and his team Biohazard for their win at Road Atlanta their double win at Watkins Glen. Team Biohazard has been a devoted user of the Frozen Rotor brand of brake rotors for two years in The OPTIMA Batteries ChumpCar World Series and they would like to thank Team Biohazard for their support!
Over the last few years Frozen Rotors has been receiving many calls from fellow Chumps asking for advice on many brake-related concerns and issues. As such, they thought they would put together a series of tech tips to help educate the Chump Nation. Here is the first in a series:
Heat-Checking - This condition on a brake rotor is a consequence of excessive heat cycling. It's generally seen on race cars, high performance sports cars that are driven on race tracks and sometimes in fleet vehicles that either haul heavy loads or are driven at high speeds. Heat checking is the result of brake temperatures exceeding 930┬░ F. At these elevated temperatures, grey cast iron brake rotors diminish their thermal-fatigue resistance. In a racing environment it is not uncommon to see heat checking relatively soon after installation. A brake rotor can be used for many racing hours in this state, however, the heat-checking condition will eventually turn to heat-cracking and the brake rotor will need to be replaced. If you can catch your finger nail in a crack or visually see cracking the crack is longer than 1/2 inch then replacement is needed. In most instances, race car rotors are discarded due to heat cracking not because the rotor is below minimum thickness specifications.

The Solution
1) Add brake cooling ducts. This will lower brake rotor temperatures
2) Increase brake rotor size. The more mass the better the heat sink
3) Use Frozen Rotors. They are more resilient to thermal cyclic fatigue.
By using any or all of these solutions you will lower brake rotor temperatures and prolong the life of your brake rotors. Most will still need to be replaced due to cracking but the longer they last the less you spend on your racing brake budget. Frozen Rotors would again like to thank everyone for their support over the last few years.  Don't forget to use the ChumpCar promo code fr2010 to receive a 10% discount on Frozen Rotors Hawk brake pads. Please visit their website at or call them at 888-323-8456
Cometic Gasket, Inc., is a leading worldwide supplier of shelf stock, custom and short-run gaskets for the performance aftermarket, original equipment and motorsports industries. What originally began in 1989, in an 800-square foot office with limited production facilities capabilities, has evolved into a 70,000-square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing center. Cometic Gasket is located 30 miles east of Cleveland in Concord, Ohio. Today, Cometic produces and ships more than 5,000 types of gaskets to customers worldwide.  

Since it's inception, Cometic has been committed to producing superior quality gaskets for the hi-performance market. They believe close relationships and attention to detail are the catalysts of customer satisfaction. These values remain Cometic's guiding principles to this day. Cometic Gaskets are proudly made in the USA with materials manufactured on American soil.  Chumpcar teams can call Kevyn Kistner at 1-800-752-9850 ext. 120 and receive a 20% discount on all orders.

Sampson Racing Communications offers a ChumDome Racing Radio System for only $399. Racing communications used to be a novelty but now its part of the endurance racing package. SRC put this system together just for Chump Teams. It offers a cost-effective way for friends family to be part of the team. All you need to do is add your own radios you're off to the races! Special Note- Boafeng radios will need true IMSA connections.
Easy Install QuickStart System--Easy to understand instructions hardware included
For the Driver:
* NASCAR Car Harness
* Cloth Radio Bag
* Radio Specific Jumper
* Push-to-talk
* NASCAR Wired Helmet Kit
* Sportsman Ear Buds
For the Crew:
* Behind the Head Wire/Flex Hybrid Headsets
* Detachable Radio Specific Coil Cord 
To order please call 866.396.7231 and let them know you are a Chump.

Apex Performance, Premier Racing Outfitters  is pleased to be an official racing safety equipment supplier for The OPTIMA Batteries World Cup Series. Their sponsor promo specials include:
* Cool Shirt System - $404 includes a 12-qt. cooler, cool water shirt 8-ft. hose. Retail $448.90. 
* PFC Brake Pads- Take an additional 15% off their already low online prices for any BMW or Porsche application. 
* Hunsaker 5-gallon fuel jugs (ChumpCar Legal) - free ground shipping plus take $5 off online prices. Savings of $20!
* Necksgen Head Neck Restraints - Apex stocks Necksgen Rev extra helmet hardware kits. Free installation available with purchase, includes free ground shipping back to you.
* DRIVEN Steering Wheels are now in stock, starting at $160
* Helmet Mic Kits Installation available and includes free ground shipping back to you
Special package pricing is also available on racing safety equipment for ChumpCar racers. Just call or email let Apex know that you are a ChumpCar racer to receive special ChumpCar pricing. They can be reached at 866.505.2739 or email at

Hunsaker USA offers an approved Five-Gallon QuickFill Fuel Jug for The OPTIMA Battery ChumpCar World Series. Their QuickFill Jugs are designed to dump fuel quick, safely and efficiently. Get dialed in with their Perfect Fit Fueling Solution. Hunsaker USA offers a variety of Hose Kits that connect to their five-gallon Quick Fill Jug, ensuring maximum efficiency when re-fueling and making sure your QuickFill Jug Hose Kit fit perfectly to your race vehicle's fill neck. You can order online or call 805.650.2525.
Sim Racing is not only a lot of fun, but it can also be a great way to get your mind body ready for your next big race. It doesn't matter if you are a professional race car driver, a weekend racer, or a casual sim racer, GranStand Sim racing Products has what you need to take your racing to the next level.
Developed by racers, GranStand Sim Racing Products provide you with a fully adjustable, affordable, stable and versatile platform for your sim racing wheels pedals. The adjustability of the system allows you to mimic your own car, so you can set your sim rig up so that it is just like your own car. Whether you are racing iRacing, Gran Turismo, or Forza, their products work with all of the big-name wheel pedal companies such as Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster on all platforms like Playstation, Xbox,and PC.
If you have any questions or would like any additional information please feel free to email them at  
GranStand is a proud sponsor of the Miata PI Race Team, so next time you see them at the track please come up say hi and they can answer any questions you might have.  Don't forget, Chumps get a 10% discount on all orders. Check out their website- 
Roll Cage Components is the number one supplier of roll cages for The OPTIMA Batteries ChumpCar World Cup Series. Built to your specs customized to meet your needs. Please call 877.598.4200 or email
Check out the NecksGen REV see why it is the latest and greatest head neck restraint system available on the market today!  The comfortable, lightweight, yoke-less design is so simple and effective, you'll wonder why nobody thought of it sooner. Please contact your local distributor or visit