Honda Ridgeline Battery Replacement

OPTIMA Batteries
Milwaukee, WI

Honda introduced their Ridgeline pickup truck as a 2006 model and continued production through the 2014 model year. That first generation of Ridgeline pickups had their choice between several battery sizes, including the 24, 34R and Group 35, which OPTIMA offers in either a REDTOP starting or YELLOWTOP dual-purpose, deep-cycle/starting battery. A REDTOP starting battery is ideal for stock Honda Ridgeline trucks that don't have any electrical modifications. However, any Ridgelines that have aftermarket electrical accessories, like a car alarm, aftermarket stereo or other similar accessories, should consider a YELLOWTOP battery, designed & warrantied for both starting and deep-cycle use.

After the 2014 model year, the Ridgeline went on a two-year hiatus, while the truck was re-designed. When the new Ridgelines came out, there was a significant change to the battery that came in those trucks. Gone were the smaller Group 24 and other battery sizing options, replaced with a single battery size- the Group 48 battery, also known as the H6. Even though the Group 48/H6 is now the only size battery that fits the second generation of Honda Ridgelines, you will likely find different battery choices within that single group size. How is that possible?

Some 2017 and newer Honda Ridgelines now have Start/Stop technology, which essentially operates like a gas-powered golf cart. When you come to a complete stop, the engine shuts off. When you press on the accelerator, the engine starts up again automatically. This feature was added to improve fuel economy on the Ridgeline, but in doing that, it also created additional electrical demands for the battery. Instead of starting the engine maybe twice a day, the battery may now start the engine dozens of times per day.

Over the lifespan of that battery, that will add up to thousands of additional starts. With all that extra electrical demand, those Ridgelines need more powerful, more durable batteries. That comes in the form of an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery, which is the only type of battery OPTIMA manufactures. The other option would be a less powerful, less durable, but also less expensive flooded lead-acid battery, also known as an "FLA" (Flooded Lead-Acid) battery in some part number mentions. 

The weight of the two types of batteries is where the difference is most obvious, whereas a typical flooded Group 48 or H6 battery might weigh just under 39 pounds, a typical AGM version will weigh about 48 pounds. That's a significant difference, but it shows up over the lifespan of the battery, especially if that Ridgeline has Start/Stop technology built into it.

However, there's nothing typical about an OPTIMA Group 48/H6 battery. From the 99.99% pure virgin lead and virgin polypropylene cases to the thick, robust cast straps that connect the cells, OPTIMA YELLOWTOP Group 48/H6 batteries are built better, to last longer. What do they weigh in at? 54 pounds. That's about seven pounds more than a typical Group 48/H6 battery and about 15 pounds more than a flooded version. All that additional material will allow OPTIMA batteries to deliver more power when you need it and for a lot longer than a typical flooded battery- up to three times as long! 

If you're planning to hold onto your Honda Ridgeline, an investment in an OPTIMA Group 48/H6 YELLOWTOP battery will pay dividends for years to come.