Hot Rod Magazine's Controversial Vette Hack

Tags: Hot Rod Racing

Hot Rod magazine has purchased a few cars for the sole purpose of hacking them up little by little, to see how the weight loss impacts performance. Their latest exercise included the deconstruction of a C4 Corvette. Unlike the Cadillac and Pontiac they previously-butchered, the Corvette faithful's reaction was less than enthusiastic.

OPTIMA figures into this equation, because the editors at Hot Rod elected to keep their Vette running with one of our YellowTops. While this exercise may have looked like it was thrown together with little thought or planning, there was actually quite a bit of time and resources invested in making this happen (renting a race track isn't cheap). The last thing the Hot Rod crew needed to concern themselves with was a battery that may or may not start up after they shut off their skill saws. We're glad to be able to provide them with that piece of mind (no pun intended).