Hot Rod Power Tour Pictures 2016

OPTIMA Batteries
Kansas City, KS

The HOT ROD Magazine Power Tour originally began with a simple idea- get out and drive cars! The original route was anything but simple, running from the West Coast all the way to the Eastern time zone, but the event caught on. We're now coming up on the 25th anniversary of the Hot Rod Power Tour and it has turned into a full-blown, rolling festival, while providing a very nice economic jolt to the communities it visits.

We came out to check out the 2016 edition, which also included a collection of vehicles from Roadkill and drag racing on the pit road at Kansas Speedway. In between all the festivities, we managed to walk the grounds and snap photos of just about every vehicle we saw. There were so many Chevys on Power Tour, we managed to fill an entire album with pictures of nothing but bowties. Have a look below and check out the all-new OPTIMA H6/Group 48 battery, that is a direct-fit replacement for many late-model Camaros, Corvettes and GM trucks!