How do you properly charge a dead REDTOP Battery?

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Our first question is from Kevin, who asks, "How do you properly charge a dead REDTOP battery?"

In most instances, an OPTIMA can be treated and charged just like a regular lead-acid battery. However, when batteries are discharged below 10.5 volts, many battery chargers will not recognize or charge any battery. OPTIMA batteries can be recovered from such a deep state of discharge, by using the parallel charging procedure described in this video.

Our second question comes from Joshua, who asks, "With a dual battery system, is it critical to first disconnect BOTH negatives before moving on to removing the positive nuts?"

For a dual battery system, it's best to disconnect the system negative first, then the combining negative, which connects the two batteries together. Unless your dual battery system is strictly used for engine starting, we strongly recommend using either YELLOWTOP or BLUETOP batteries in such applications.