How Long Do Subaru WRX Batteries Last?

OPTIMA Batteries
Las Vegas, NV

When it comes to determining how long a Subaru WRX battery will last, there are websites that will give you a specific number or a range, but they don't have your best interest at heart. All they care about is getting you to click through to their website, in search of an answer that isn't as simple as it sounds. 

If you have a Subaru WRX and you are wondering how long the battery will last, is that because you've been having trouble with it lately? If so, check the voltage level. It should measure at least 12.6 volts. Did you know many of the "bad" batteries returned to retailers under warranty are just discharge-only batteries, that work fine, when properly-recharged? If your Subaru WRX battery doesn't measure at least 12.6 volts, charge it with a quality battery charger. If you are still concerned about the health of your Subaru WRX battery, take it to a quality auto parts retailer and have them load-test your battery. Most will do this for free and you don't need to remove your battery from your vehicle.

If you have determined the battery in your Subaru WRX needs to be replaced and you're wondering how long a new battery will last, then please consider these factors. Nearly every car battery on the road today is a lead-acid battery and most of those batteries are flooded in their design. That means the positive and negative plates hang in a black box filled with battery acid. These are the cheapest batteries available, which is why they are so commonly-found in vehicles on the road today.

AGM lead-acid batteries are more expensive than flooded lead-acid batteries, but they can last far longer- up to three times as long, if you're considering an OPTIMA battery (the Group 35 is the most-common size for the Suburu WRX). So how long does that mean an OPTIMA or other AGM battery will last? It's hard to give a concrete answer, because there are so many factors that impact battery performance and lifespan. The key to long battery lifespan is proper voltage maintenance, which is why we almost immediately suggested charging your current battery, if you are experiencing issues with it.

Whenever any battery is discharged below 12.4 volts and is left sitting in that state, sulfation begins forming in the plates, which diminishes both battery capacity and lifespan. If you don't drive your Subaru WRX on a daily basis or even if you do, but your drives tend to be short in duration, your Subaru battery would probably benefit from regular charging with a quality battery charger. We recommend topping off the voltage on any car battery at least once a month. That's especially true if you have significant electrical accessories, like an aftermarket car alarm or car stereo (or even if you play your stereo for extended periods of time with the engine turned off).

Temperature can also have a significant impact on battery lifespan and contrary to popular belief, it's extremely hot temperatures that really damage a battery, although that damage often doesn't become apparent until the weather turns cold and the battery has to work harder to start the engine. So a battery in a Subaru WRX may last two or three years in Las Vegas, but that same battery in the same car could last far longer in a more temperate climate, like San Diego. 

So if you need a replacement battery for your Subaru WRX and you happen to be looking at OPTIMA batteries, which one is right for your between the REDTOP & YELLOWTOP? Both will offer more than enough cranking amps to start your engine, so if your Subaru WRX is relatively-stock, then a REDTOP will do great. If it is heavily-modified, like Thomas Marquez's 2015 Launch Edition, then you'd probably want a YELLOWTOP, that is designed & warrantied for both starting and deep-cycle use.

Either battery comes with a three-year, free-replacement warranty, but we'll extend your free-replacement warranty coverage by an additional year, if you purchase your OPTIMA battery from us and buy an OPTIMA Digital 1200 battery charger at the same time. How can we afford to do that? Because as we've mentioned before, we know proper voltage maintenance is the key to long battery life and if you use an OPTIMA Digital 1200 on your OPTIMA battery on a regular basis, we know you will maximize your battery's performance and lifespan.