How Long Does a Mopar Battery Last?

OPTIMA Batteries
Kissimmee, Florida

How is your battery being used? Where is your battery being used? How is your battery being maintained? Those three questions will determine more than anything else, how long your Mopar's battery will last. Batteries in daily-driven vehicles tend to last longer than batteries in vehicles that only see occasional use. Batteries in temperate climates tend to last longer than batteries in extreme (either hot or cold) environments. Batteries that have their voltage properly-maintained (at least 12.6V) will last longer than batteries that are left in partially or deeply-discharged states.

So what does that translate into in terms of lifespan for your Mopar's battery? It could be one or two years in an area like Phoenix, where a vehicle isn't used regularly and the battery voltage isn't properly-maintained. It could be 10-12 years or even longer in an area like San Diego, where the temperature is more moderate all year-round, if the battery voltage is properly-maintained.

So how can you properly-maintain voltage in your Mopar's battery? With a quality battery maintenance device, like the OPTIMA Digital 400 or Digital 1200 battery maintainers & chargers. These maintainers & chargers will automatically charge and maintain your battery and you can leave them plugged in indefinitely. 

Did you know the batteries that come in modern Mopars are far larger than those from previous generations? The OPTIMA DH7 YELLOWTOP that is a direct-fit replacement battery for this 2019 Dodge Charger Hellcat weighs in at more than 60 pounds! Hit the rewind button for 50 years and look at the batteries for a 1969 Dodge Charger with a massive 7.0-liter 426 cubic-inch engine or an even larger 7.2-liter 440, will use a much smaller battery, like the OPTIMA Group 25 REDTOP, which weighs in at just under 32 pounds. 

Why do larger engines use smaller batteries? Because modern vehicles are jam-packed with all kinds of electrical features and accessories, that demand more energy from batteries, than ever before. It's not so much about the cranking amps anymore, because most batteries offer more than enough cranking power. It's more about the reserve capacity of a battery and how much energy it can supply over an extended period of time. This is often indicated in Amp-Hours (Ah), but if that information isn't readily-available, the tale of the tape often comes down to battery weight. 

99.99% pure virgin lead, more of it and thick, robust cast straps that connect the cells are a big reason why you'll find OPTIMA batteries tend to outweigh the competition. We're so confident proper battery maintenance will improve the performance and increase the lifespan of your Mopar's battery, if you buy an OPTIMA battery and a Digital 1200 charger from us at the same time, we'll add an additional year of free replacement warranty coverage on your battery.