How Much do BMW Car Batteries Cost?

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A lot of folks want to know how much it costs to replace the battery in their late-model BMW and the answers can vary significantly. We wish we could keep all our blogs updated with our latest pricing, but that is more than a bit challenging. Instead, you can click here to see the pricing on OPTIMA's new H6 YELLOWTOP. The DH6 is a relatively-common upgrade for BMW owners and can fit a wide variety of 1 Series, 3 Series, X Series and many Z3s and Z4s. However, the cost of replacing a BMW car battery typically goes beyond the cost of the battery itself, especially in newer models.

Newer BMWs (Bimmerworld suggests BMWs after the 2005 model years) will need to have their replacement batteries "registered" with the vehicle after installation. This typically requires access to some type of scan tool which some DIYers may already have and others may not deem necessary for the infrequent need of a battery replacement. If you are without the necessary tools, you can always take your new OPTIMA H6 to a BMW dealership or certified independent mechanic and ask them to install and/or register the battery for you.