How Much is a Honda Car Battery?

OPTIMA Batteries
Milwaukee, WI

How much does a Honda car battery cost? Well, that depends on what size car battery your Honda needs. However, many Hondas use a Group 51 battery, including the Honda Civic Type-R, which uses a Group D51R YELLOWTOP battery. We used to list the price of this Honda battery in this blog, but over the years, the pricing has changed and if we don't update the price on every page of our website, a consumer will find outdate pricing and ask us to honor a price from ten years ago. As a result, we now have to ask you to click on the link to the D51R Honda battery to see current pricing. They do tend to be less expensive than most other batteries on the market, because they are significantly smaller.

One thing to note about the Group 51 battery size is that some batteries have what we refer to as "reverse termination." When you look at the front of a typical car battery, you'll see the positive terminal on the left-hand side and the negative terminal on the right-hand side. In the case of most Honda batteries, they use a battery with reverse termination, which means the positive and negative posts are reversed, relative to a typical car battery. This is typically noted in the Group size name of the battery, which would often have an "R" in the size, like our D51R YELLOWTOP. The group 51 with standard termination is simply called a D51 or Group 51 battery. This is an important distinction, because if you end up with a regular Group 51 battery, but need a 51R battery, the cables on your vehicle may not reach the posts, even if you reverse the position of the battery in your vehicle.

If you value your time, it's worth considering an OPTIMA battery as a replacement for your Honda, as our batteries can last up to three times as long as a typical flooded battery, meaning less down time for your car and less time spent getting it replaced. This may be of even more importance for those who live in climates that see extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, which can be very hard on car batteries. You can use our online fitment tool to find the right battery size for your Honda. 

We also want to mention that proper voltage maintenance is the key to maximizing battery performance and lifespan and our YELLOWTOP batteries are fully-charged at about 13.0-13.2 volts. We're so confident this is true, we'll add an additional year of free replacement warranty coverage to your OPTIMA battery, if you purchase it from us at the same time that you buy an OPTIMA Digital 1200 battery charger.