"I almost died three times."

Professional athletes have a lot of standard lines for interview situations- "I 'm trying to improve every facet of my game," "I'm just trying to help my team get better, " or "I 'm just trying to play within my game." What you probably won't hear from the Dwyane Wades or Aaron Rodgers of the world when they talk about their ascent to the top is, "I almost died three times."


However, that is almost commonplace in the world of off-road racing, especially when you talk to guys like Brian Deegan, who came to off-road racing from motorcycles.  Although he was a standout in Freestyle Motocross, the word, "Freestyle" could just as easily be replaced with "Bone-breaking," because it is unheard of to find any competitors who haven't broken something in their quest for greatness.

With those mishaps often comes the risk of death, which has been the case on multiple occasions with Deegan. Travis Pastrana is often quoted as saying, "With age, comes a cage," referencing the full cage that encloses off-road truck racers.  However, that only mitigates the inherent risk to a certain extent. These trucks still fly into the air and come crashing back to earth with violence rarely seen outside The World's Gnarliest Police Chases.

Still, it is the only life these racers know and their fans greatly appreciate the risks they take every time they get behind the wheel.  If you'd like to see more of this kind of racing and you're not near any of the regular stops on the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series, be sure to tune in to the CBS Sports Network this Sunday, June 24th at 8PM Eastern.  Until then, catch a preview here.