Is a Mazda MX-5 a Miata?

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Is a Mazda MX-5 a Miata? It depends on who you ask. The iconic sportscar first went on sale in the late-1980s and was an instant success. However, along with that success came a reputation among some as the Miata being a "girly" or feminine car. Perhaps for that reason, Mazda moved away from the iconic Miata name for the third generation, starting in the 2006 model year and simply referred to the car as an MX-5. 

Whether the reputation was deserved or not, the Miata (or MX-5), became so popular, that several different racing organizations started classes just for these cars. The album below is full of photographs of the Spec Miata class that ran at the 2022 SCCA Super Tour weekend at Sebring International Raceway. While there were some pink Miatas in the field and some women racing, the field at Sebring was mostly men.

When the MX-5 was still known as a Miata, those early examples use a 46A24L battery, for which OPTIMA offers no direct-fit replacement. However, starting in the 2006 model year, Mazda moved to a more common D51R group size, for which OPTIMA does offer a direct-fit replacement battery

Whether you own an older Miata or a newer MX-5, all of those cars run 12-volt batteries and if your Miata isn't a daily driver, we'd strongly recommend keeping the battery topped off and properly-maintained with a quality battery maintenance device. We offer one of those too in the form of an OPTIMA Digital 400 maintainer.