Is the OUSCI on your Bucket List?

Ultimate Streetcar

Car magazines have been compiling must-see and must-do automotive events for generations. These events span everything from competing in a ChumpCar race to experiencing the Daytona 500 as a spectator. None of these lists are complete without a visit to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, even though it is an industry-only event, not open to the general public.

Most folks who want to go to SEMA can find a way to get into the show, but what has emerged in recent years as another bucket list automotive event, immediately follows the SEMA Show- the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, presented by Royal Purple and KN. While this event is now open to the public, demand for tickets has gone through the roof in recent years, making it far more difficult to get into than the SEMA Show.

Even as this blog is being posted, less than 700 tickets remain and believe us when we tell you, it will sell out. There are a couple of things you should know about this event before buying your OUSCI tickets. This event is filmed for TV, so if you don't want your wife, ex-wife, parole officer, etc... to know you were in Nevada, you may want to wear a disguise, because you could end up on TV.

You will also get a very cool, limited edition event t-shirt with the purchase of your ticket. Wear it with pride, as unlike many of the automotive t-shirts that get handed out like candy, you'll probably be just about the only person at any car show with one of these shirts on.

You will see some of the world's most incredible, street-legal cars and trucks. You've probably already caught a glimpse of some of them, as OUSCI competitors routinely find their way onto magazine covers and TV shows, but you've probably never seen them in action like they will be in Pahrump. Will they be pushed to their absolute limits, with some of them breaking down in the process? Probably. It happens every year at the OUSCI and almost every time you put 50+ cars on a race track.

You will have a great time and will tell your friends they don't want to miss this in 2014. Don't be one of those unfortunate souls, who is asking everyone with an OPTIMA shirt on at SEMA if they have extra tickets after the event has long sold out. Buy your OUSCI tickets today and make plans to be there!