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Rhine, WI

Many newer Jeep Cherokees, including models like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, often take a Group H7 battery, which is commonly known in the industry as a "DIN" fitment. OPTIMA now offers a direct-fit battery upgrade in these applications, our DH7 YELLOWTOP. However, vehicles equipped with a second battery for Start/Stop service will need to replace that battery with the correct size, which OPTIMA currently does not offer.

OPTIMA Batteries are known to have exceptional cranking power, due to our use of 99.99% pure virgin lead, as well as robust cast straps to connect our cells. The result is that our batteries will typically test far higher than their rated specifications. To the end user, that translates into a super-powerful battery, that offers more than enough cranking amps to start your Jeep Cherokee and the ability to be deep-cycled, if you happen to have a winch or maybe like to run your stereo for extended periods of time with the engine turned off.

Pick up an OPTIMA H7 for your Jeep Cherokee today and keep it fully-charged with an OPTIMA charger or maintainer. These units work so well, we'll extend the free-replacement warranty coverage on your OPTIMA battery by a full year, if you include a Digital 1200 charger with your battery purchase from us.