King of the Hammers 2017 Photo Gallery

Johnson Valley, California is on the map, if you look for it. Most folks don't pay any attention to it, unless they're into off-roading. For those who are familiar with ULTRA4 Racing, a form of off-road racing that combines triple-digit speeds on desert lake beds with brutal rock-crawling up and down steep, jagged mountains, Johnson Valley is always on their radar. King of the Hammers is the world's toughest one-day off-road race and much like the Daytona 500 is the NASCAR race to win and leads off the season, winning the King of the Hammers carries the same prestige in the off-roading community and also starts the ULTRA4 season.

Thousands dream, hundreds attempt to qualify, but most never even make it to the Mojave desert. Even of the 120+ teams that start the race, typically only a few dozen manage to finish. Check out this gallery of images from the 2017 race. Special thanks to our friends at PowerStop Brakes for supplying many of these images-