King of the Hammers 2019 Album One

The NITTO Tire King of the Hammers powered by OPTIMA Batteries is quickly moving from a niche subculture offroading event to one of the iconic events in all of motorsports. The crowds willing to trek out into the middle of the Mojave desert, often numbering 50,000 or more, speak to the unique appeal of this event and the week that surrounds it. Vehicles of all shapes and sizes, crawling, cruising or racing across the desert in every direction imaginable, yet there seems to be a measure of control and comradery in the chaos. Break down and it won't be long before someone stops and offers assistance. Wander through an unfamiliar campsite and you might find yourself invited for dinner or at least offered a cool one.

On the offroading side, there's no shortage of fans who are knowledgeable about the trails, the skill involved in traversing them and have a strong appreciation for the dedication and commitment of the racers. This gallery is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you might experience on a visit to Johnson Valley, California. Have a look at 100 images from the King of the Hammers and then check out even more photos from past years here.