King of the Hammers 2021

i-Loren-Healy-Ultra4-King-of-the-Hammers-2021 (1494)
SponsorOPTIMA Batteries
LocationJohnson Valley, California
DateFebruary 22, 2021

An Ultra4 may be the most unstoppable type of race car...or truck...or whatever you want to call it. Capable of hitting triple-digit speeds, while also comfortable of climbing up four-foot rock faces on the side of a mountain, these incredible machines can just about do it all. As a result, it should be no surprise that even the COVID-19 pandemic couldn't stop the world's toughest one-day offroad race, the OPTIMA Batteries King of the Hammers, presented by Lasernut.

Run every year in and around Johnson Valley, California, this brutal race pits man and machine against some of the very harshest desert conditions possible and 2021 was no exception. Great precaution was taken to ensure a safe experience for everyone involved, including mandatory negative COVID-19 tests, mandated masks and temperature checks for admittance to Hammertown and with 90,000 acres of BLM land to spread out on, this event naturally lends itself to anyone interested in social distancing.

See a massive gallery of images below, as well as the final finishing order as of February 22, 2021

PlaceDriverVehicle NumberTime
1Randy Slawson44487:01:17
2JP Gomez17:10:18
3Raul Gomez837:35:34
4Bailey Cole138:05:29
5Vaughn Gittin Jr258:16:53
6Rusty Blyler468:19:42
7Erik Miller218:29:44
8Levi Shirley818:38:39
DNFJason Blanton9668:40:01
9Not Bailey Campbell358:41:46
10Jason Scherer768:44:16
11Kyle Chaney1918:48:45
12Hunter Miller1908:49:27
13Loren Healy678:51:14
14Shannon Campbell59:01:16
15Josh Blyler419:25:43
16Jon Cagliero279:29:24
17Greg Adler2109:36:32
18Ron Prindle549:51:38
19Chip MacLaughlin49:58:35
20Tad Dowker90610:14:30
21Cody Miller22110:31:21
22Jordan Pellegrino9810:39:17
23Kevin Williams99911:04:57
24Jeff Waggoner5311:41:28
25Eric Miramon421512:07:49
26John Webb446812:11:17
27James Mahoney30812:16:27
28Hunter Sparrow7212:20:31
29Tom Gilpin198212:27:56
30Kevin Yoder443412:28:18
31Eric Wicks5912:48:56
32Dustin Isenhour447212:52:02
33Kris Wicks79212:57:47
34Matt Burkett4913:01:11
35Zandy Wilems2413:09:56

See the list of every winner of the OPTIMA King of the Hammers, presented by Lasernut here.