Kyle Tucker wins the GT3K Class at the Daytona USCA Event


No one seemed to mind the heat in Daytona Beach, Florida, as competitors in the Ultimate Street Car Association event took to the track at famed Daytona International Speedway. When the brake dust settled, it was Detroit Speed Engineering's Kyle Tucker who took home top honors in the GT3K class, which is for two-wheel drive cars and trucks that weigh over 3,000 pounds.

With his victory, Tucker receives an invitation to the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas and the 2014 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational. All USCA events will be televised on MavTV. Here are the final results for the GT3K class:

NameNumberRoad RallyDesignHotLapAutocrossSpeedStopScoreRank
Kyle Tucker412522.63181825108.631
Danny Popp282521.63252015106.632
Britt Marolf202521.86142520105.863
Brian Finch122522.6151622100.64
Ryan Mathews222516.220221497.25
Todd Rumpke332520.322141192.36
James Stancel372522.4316151391.437
James Shipka12522.5137.771886.278
Bret Voelkel442518.767.16111677.929
Billy Utley422520.4118.181276.5810
Randy Johnson292521.5912976.511
John Parsons272520.868.59137.5775.0212
Chris Porter302520.36128.598.3974.3413
Cliff Elliott112522.538.1898.873.5114
Steven Atneyel22522.78.86.957.7771.2215
Chris Smith362523.67.577.367.3670.8916
Daniel Howe32519.87.777.168.5968.3217
Ken Edwards92519.866.138.87.1666.9518
John Kundrat212521.935.526.347.9866.7719
Tony Ramos3225225.317.986.3466.6320
Fred Kepler262520.28.395.726.7566.0621
Ray Thompson392522.535.726.545.9365.7222
Greg Schneider342518.865.937.578.1865.5423
JB Granger132519.836.756.136.9564.6624
Tim Strange382517.767.366.756.5463.4125
Aaron Oberle252517.76.548.395.5263.1526
Mike Copeland72520.066.345.526.1363.0527
Alex Miller2425187.985.315.7262.0128
Jason Brady42514.336.955.935.3157.5229

*Only Platinum level entries are counted in final class results and all competitors must complete all five elements in order to contend for the class win. Those who were not Platinum level entries or did not complete all elements will be listed in the Exhibition class results.