Lucas Oil Pro Pulling Marshall-Putnam Fair 2017 Album One

OPTIMA Batteries
Henry, IL

MAVTV has become the top TV network for motorsports coverage in recent years, but with all the different types of racing they show, from drag boat racing to sprint cars, it might surprise some folks to know that tractor pulling is consistently their most-popular motorsports programming. They don't typically take place at well-known racetracks, like Daytona or Charlotte Motor Speedway, but at county fairgrounds most of America has never heard of. Places like Marshall-Putnam, St. Edward's Parish, Hillsboro Fireman's Park.

The crowds at the events are just as huge and enthusiastic as the TV viewers at home, but it is well worth checking out, if you've never been. OPTIMA went down to the Marshall-Putnam Fairgrounds in Henry, Illinois, last summer, when we were running our new DH6 YELLOWTOP through a series of torture tests. That included a ride on the Sullivan Racing tractor and in a BMW that went into the demolition derby at the track. Check out the huge gallery of images from this event below.