Make A Run to the Coast

DateMarch 2, 2012
With the debut of the 2011 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational on SPEED last weekend, came the typical flood of inquiries from folks who want to know how they can get invited to the 2012 OUSCI. It is an exciting event on what is becoming an increasingly global stage and people want in- lots of them. Because the event is an invitational, there is some degree of mystery as to how cars are invited. However, the fact that there are qualifying events all over the country does help provide some direction to the process.

The bottom line is that cars must been seen to be invited and there is no better place to be seen than a qualifying event. OPTIMA has made a concerted effort to identify qualifying events across the country, where vehicles and their drivers can get in front of the folks who ultimately decide who gets an invite to SEMA and the 2012 OUSCI. The first of these events was held a few weeks ago in San Marcos, Texas and the next event (Run To The Coast) is coming up on March 9-11th in Irvine, California.

If the OUSCI has caught your interest and you'd like to get involved, check out this link for all the details on the Run To The Coast. If The Run To The Coast is a bit far from where you live (or a bit soon for your schedule), but you'd be interested in participating in future OUSCI qualifying events, click here for the complete list.