Mike Scott's OPTIMA-equipped 1947 Packard

OPTIMA Batteries
Walnut Creek, CA

We love to hear feedback from our customers and there are several ways for you to reach us, if needed- 1-888-8-OPTIMA is an easy number to remember and you can also e-mail us at info@optimabatteries.com. Mike Scott recently contacted us to tell us how he pleased he was with the performance of his 6 volt battery and we'd like to share his comments with you:

I've been using exclusively OPTIMA REDTOP 6-volt, 800 cold cranking amp batteries in my '47 Packard Super Clipper since the mid '90s. Amazing how such a diminutive battery never fails to turn the 104-lb., nine main bearing crankshaft in my 356-ci inline eight. My last OPTIMA lasted just five months shy of ten (10) years, and likely would've last longer if I cycled it more often, put a load against it, since our horrendous, never ceasing Bay Area traffic prevents more than three joyrides annually to keep my car fettled.

May my newly installed OPTIMA prove as successful as my last. Thanks also to your upbeat CSR (tech line) Augustine, who patiently answered today every question I could throw at him. Anyone who's been in business well knows people are quick to complain, slow to praise, so please let my words of praise for Augustine's professionalism serve as proxy for all those others he's helped but never bothered to thank.

I've been singing OPTIMA's praises for years, and most of my circle already have OPTIMAs in everything from 1936-37 Cords, to a '59 Ferrari Pinanfarina coupe and '63 Lusso. Many of us with old road cars, luxe or not, well appreciate "weight is the enemy," and the fact that OPTIMA batteries weigh half or less, often much less, than the nasty, off-gassing, leaky lead/acid batteries we used to suffer. Might I suggest OPTIMA market an inexpensive charger for those of us with REDTOP 6-volt batteries who for various reasons prefer not to use battery maintainers?

Thank you.

Respectfully, gratefully,

Mike Scott, Walnut Creek, California

We appreciate your feedback Mike and while we cannot comment on any potential future product offerings, we want to let you know that we did share your suggestion with our product development team. You can buy a 6-volt OPTIMA battery factory-direct for your car here.