My car is faster than the Red Devil Camaro!

OPTIMA Batteries
Gingerman, MI
ven though the video has only been live for a few days, the comparison video between Mark Stielow's Red Devil '69 Camaro and the new ZL1 Camaro has created quite a bit of buzz on the interwebs. At the risk of spoiling the outcome, the Red Devil beat the new ZL1 on the road course at Gingerman...convincingly.

There has obviously been a lot of keyboard commandos, who have commented that they believe their _____ would beat the Red Devil Camaro, if given the chance. Well, we like to enable such opportunities for folks, which is one of the reasons why we created the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational.

Talk (or in this case, text) is cheap. There is no need for cyber-bench racing. We're happy to provide folks with the opportunity to race for real in the 2012 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, presented by K&N Filters and Royal Purple Synthetic Oil.

As is typical with the cars Mark builds, the Red Devil Camaro is already in his rear view mirror and he will be debuting a new Camaro (not brand-new, but a newly-built '67 Camaro) in the 2012 OUSCI. As with his past builds, each new Camaro Mark builds generally seems to be better than his previous effort and we're looking forward to his latest creation.

If you think your car has what it takes to go head to head against Stielow's Camaro, enter one of our upcoming qualifying events, which include:

Holley's LSFest, September 7-9

Silver State Classic Challenge, September 12-16

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Nationals, September 21-21