Need A New Battery? Not So Fast!

DateMarch 21, 2012
As summer looms closer, we know many folks are bringing their toys out of the garage, in preparation for the coming season of activity.  Those who have been properly-maintaining their batteries all winter long will likely be met by a fully-charged battery, ready to start their vehicle and perform solidly all summer long.

Those who did not maintain their battery over the winter or left it partially-discharged when they put their toys away may be in for a different experience. Some will attempt to recharge their batteries, while others will simply head to the auto parts store as soon as they hear "click click click" when they try to start their engine.

While it could be possible that their battery is dead and needs to be replaced, it is also possible the battery is only deeply-discharged and would work fine, if properly-recharged.  Many of the "bad" batteries returned to retailers are simply discharged and do work fine, when properly-recharged.

If you find your battery won't start your car, truck, boat or motorcycle, measure the voltage and attempt to recharge your battery.  Fully-charged, our RedTops (and 34M BlueTop) will measure about 12.6-12.8 volts and our YellowTops and BlueTops (except the 34M) will measure about 13.0-13.2 volts.  You can also watch this video for more helpful tips on battery care and maintenance.  We want your business, but not sooner than you need to give it to us!