One Lap Camaro wins Class at ONELAP of America


The entry list for the 2011 One Lap of America, presented by Motor Trend had 75 vehicles, the vast majority of which were late-model vehicles, including quite a few Corvettes, Porsches and BMWs.  While a competitor can build an older car that can compete on the track with these late-model OEMs, it is a tough task to hang with them in the reliability department.  This is a fact illustrated by the fact that just eight of the 75 entries were in Vintage classes, including the OPTIMA Batteries One Lap Camaro.

Piloted by James Shipka and Mary Pozzi, the old school F-body more than held it's own against the late model competiton, finishing 54th overall and tops for a second consecutive year in the Vintage American class.  This year's victory did not come without it's challenges, including overcoming severe rear end issues in Florida.  After eight days, 14 events and nearly 3,800 transit miles, the OPTIMA Batteries One Lap Camaro finished the One Lap of America, which any competitor will tell you is a feat in and of itself.  OPTIMA Batteries congratulates James Shipka, Mary Pozzi and all the folks who helped make it possible for them to compete in this fantastic event!