OPTIMA Batteries in Motorcycles

OPTIMA Batteries
Bonneville, UT
Even though OPTIMA just announced the release of their new ORANGETOP lithium batteries for motorcycles at the 2022 SEMA Show, the truth is, motorcycles have been using OPTIMA batteries for quite a while before that. However, the OPTIMA batteries found in those bikes (and the bikes themselves) are not what you might typically come across.

Perhaps the most-radical of those bikes are the nitro methane-burning Hayabusas fielded by Big Bad Nitro Daddy in pursuit of land speed records. OPTIMA batteries can also be found in a wide variety of electric motorcycles and we really get a kick out of the creativity folks have when they create these unique bikes.  If you'd like to see a few of our favorites, click on these links-
Chopper #1
Chopper #2
Chopper #3
Sportbike #1